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   Acts 1:8 Challenge
   Administration: Constitution and By-Laws, Governance
   Administration: Covenants (for defining relationships and partnerships)
   Administration: Legal Issues (Incorporation, etc.)/Gov't Forms/IRS/Mail Permits/etc.
   Administration: Office, Software, Licenses, Telephone, etc.
   Administration: Staff/Volunteers (Forms/Policies/References/Permission Forms/etc.)
   Baptist Information: SBC, GBC, Associations, Doctrine, Polity, etc.
   Buildings, Facilities, Land
   Church Planter Network
   Church Planting Helps: Vision, Leadership, Models, Examples, Materials, Books, Proposals
   Church Planting Movement Information System
   Church Planting System: Assessment of Potential Church Planters
   Church Planting System: Basic Training, Mentoring, Church Planter Network, etc.
   Communication: Marketing, Publishing, Web, Email
   Critical Church Planting Issues
   Cultural Studies
   Equipment and Furnishings: Audio, Video, Furniture
   Family Ministry
   Finance: Budget, Accounting, Annuity, Insurance, Minister Tax and Housing, Fund Raising, etc.
   Finance: Insurance for Church Planter
   Get Away
   Language Resources
   Miscellaneous: Includes some free and almost free resources
   Missions: IMB, NAMB, GBC, Partnerships, Volunteers
   Multimedia Resources (see also Pastoral Helps)
   Pastoral Helps: Worship, Preaching, Bible Study, etc.
   Prayer Support
   Small Groups: Cell groups/churches, Home groups/churches, Sunday School, etc.
   Sponsorship and Funding of a Church Plant
   Technology: Web and more (See also Administration and Communication)
   Volunteer Help



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